Friday, January 4, 2013

Zoya Blaze

My Ulta FINALLY got the Zoya Ornate collection and I wanted to show you all one of my favorites. Blaze is a berry/ red scattered holo, that is just wonderful. I seriously love it.
This is one coat of Blaze over my base coat OPI Nail Envy. When I was wearing this I could not stop looking at my hands. 
no flash

It really is just beautiful. Just look at it! No need for words :) 

What were your picks from the Ornate collection?

xoxo Elle


  1. I Want this so badly!!! Stupid budget! Grr!

    this looks amazing on you!!!

    (I tried to follow you, but there's no follow widget :( )

    1. Thank you!! :) ah let me double check that I added it to my page....blogger shows me that it is there but it can be weird sometimes

      Thanks for the heads up!

      ps keep an eye out at ulta. At mine a lot of zoya's eventually go on clearance and are hidden in random clearance spots not with nail polish

  2. Awesome colors!!!


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