Thursday, December 20, 2012

Revlon Top Speed Varnished and Golden

Hi lovelies! Today I have two Revlon Top Speed polishes that I picked up during the CVS beauty clearance sale (which is still going on). These were actually my first Top Speed polishes and I really liked how quickly they dried.

First up is Varnished. I've been having a bit of trouble describing this color. To me, it looks like a metallic taupe with a bit of a green tinge to it. Either way, I like the color. The application was a bit difficult for me but I got the hang of it. If you go over a spot more than once, the polish drags, leaving bald spots, so it is important to minimize the number of brushstrokes. This was nearly opaque in one coat but I did a second for good measure. It was also really important to wait until the polish was completely dry before doing a second coat. I didn't wait long enough between coats on my index finger and you can see what happened there. Overall, I liked this polish quite a bit. This is two coats without topcoat. 

Next up is Golden. This polish had similar issues with brushstrokes and waiting between coats but other than that, application was great. I think this polish is wonderful for the holidays! This is two coats without top coat. I love how shiny both of these are without a top coat!

What do you think of these colors? Have you tried any Top Speed polishes?

Happy polishing!


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