Thursday, December 13, 2012

Color Club Haul from Ross

Hi polish addicts! I don't really have many places near me to get Color Club polishes so I try to find them at stores like Ross. I recently found a collection of 6 polishes plus top coat in a package labeled "All About Color Collection". When I searched for info about it, I couldn't find much that pertained to the set I found. All the colors were different than the ones that others have posted about. Unfortunately all but one did not have names so I searched around the Internet to try to find names for these. I also found an unnamed Cosmetic Arts polish which I have heard are just renamed dupes of Color Club polishes.

Red-ical Gypsy* is a dark brick red polish in the bottle but on the nail it looks more like you're average red creme. Not terribly unique, but it is always nice to have a red polish. Application was fairly good and needed 2 coats for full opacity. 

Foiled Me Once is a pink foil with a ton of silver shimmer. This one is my favorite of the six that I picked up in this pack. It is opaque in one coat if you are careful with application and there were not many brushstrokes which are typical of a polish of this nature. Loved this one. This is 2 coats- the second picture is with flash to show the shimmer. 

Artsy Crafty is a blackened green creme. I think this polish is what I wanted Essie Stylenomics to be. It applied wonderfully in two coats; the first one was slightly streaky, but the second evened everything out. I have been on a major search for the perfect dark green creme and I think this might be it. 

Silver Glitter (such an original name!) is just that, a silver glitter. This is great for layering and for wearing on its own. Here is one coat over Artsy Crafty. I think that this could be worn on its own in two coats but I have yet to try it. 

Next up, we have Naughtycal Navy*. I so wanted this color to be amazing. I love deep navy blue jellies and cremes,  but this one was kind of a mess. You can see the pooling in my cuticles. No matter what I tried, this polish went everywhere. It was also a hot streaky mess and very difficult to get completely opaque everywhere. It is very prone to balding. But I love the color. 

To make this polish more fun, I layered a coat of Color Club Snow-flakes (which I already owned). Snow-flakes, from the 2012 Holiday collection is a beautiful flakie polish which is one of the many dupes of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. Just gorgeous. You could do more coats for more flakies but I think that there are enough with just one coat. 

Last from the Color Club set is Wild Orchid. This is a grey creme with a ton of multicolored shimmer in it. My pictures didn't pick up on the colors of shimmer too much but they are there. I really really loved this. Application was great. Wild Orchid can be opaque in one thicker coat but I used two thinner coats for these swatches. 

Last up is Cosmetic Arts Silver Belle*. I picked this up for only $1.99 at Ross which is an amazing price for a decent silver holo. This is what I wanted Milani HD to be but it fell so short. Silver Belle* is much more holo than what shows up in pictures This is 3 coats.

Do you love this as much as I do?

This experience with Color Club polishes has been mostly wonderful and I look forward to using more in the future. If you have any color suggestions please let me know.

Note: Polish names with a * next to them mean that they were not labeled and that this is the shade I believe it to be based on comparisons to other swatches.  

Happy polishing! 


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