Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hard Candy Black Tie Optional

Hi again guys! I have a huge slight obsession with black and white. So I knew I needed this glitter right when I started seeing swatches of it.

Hard Candy Black Tie Optional is a black and white glitter containing large, medium, and small black and white hexes along with black bar glitter. It is definitely a layering glitter. I decided to wear this over Essie Bottle Service from this summer's neons collection (review coming soon!).

I think this is a really versatile polish, which is great. The opacity can be built up to be more or less dense to your liking. What you see here is one coat painted over Bottle Service. There is no dabbing or glitter placement at all to give you an accurate idea of how this polish goes on. 

My only complaints are that the bottle is quite small (I'm going to need a replacement pretty soon, with the rate I'm going through this) and that I wish there was some more white glitter. The black is a tad overwhelming. Not enough that it'll stop me from using it though!

Hope you like this!!

xo Elle

**all products in this post were purchased by me**

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