Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Hello ladies! Today I have something new to me to share with you! Glequins are basically large pieces of glitter that can be manually placed on the nail. They are super blingy and I am totally in love with them. 

For my first ever mani with glequins I started out with a base of SpaRitual Native Rock with SpaRitual Driftwood as an accent nail. Side note, these are both very pretty on their own and I wore that mani for a day. Native Rock is more purple in real life but it does have a very strong gray undertone. Then I placed the glitter in different designs on each nail. This takes a lot less time than it looks like.

 I used some silver holo glequins I bought at a random nail supply store. There are a bunch of these in certain places in Orange County and everything is so darn cheap. I got a lifetime supply for $5. I will never be able to go through the amount I have haha!

And here are the two base polishes on their own. I thought these would go together a bit better but I do like them both individually.

Is this too blingy for you or do you love how much this stand out? I usually lean towards tamer looks but I loved these! They will most definitely be making a repeat appearance. 

Happy polishing!! xoxo



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