Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ABC Challenge P is for Pastel Polka Dots

Hi everyone! Today we are on letter P of the ABC Challenge! I did pastel polka dots with five different pastels. It was a very springy mani to say the least. I think that polka dots are a fun way to do nail art and they are super easy!

From thumb to pinky, the background colors are:
Essie Pilates Hottie- from last year's Yogaga collection
Revlon Cloud- this is a Top Speed polish. I think its been discontinued. Such a shame as I really love it enough to track down a backup.
Essie A-Crewed Interest- I believe this is from the 2011 Spring Collection
Revlon Buttercup- from the Colorstay line.
Sally Hansen CSM Green Tea-I love this polish. I think it was originally from the Prabal Gurung collaboration but it was recently rereleased! Go grab it while you can. :)

Hope you all liked this! Be sure to check out all the lovely ladies and their letter P manis!

xo Elle


  1. I think it's interesting how the background colours change the look of the colours on top! The whole effect is lovely =)

    I don't know if this is any good to you, but Fragrance Direct has Cloud in stock currently:

    1. YES! This does help so much thank you! :) and thank you for your sweet comment :)

  2. Super, super, super cute and girly mani! Polka dots with pastel colors are among my favourite nail arts. :)

  3. I Love the polka dots!! And so feminine!! This would be so perfect for Easter/Spring!!

  4. So cute! And your dots are so perfect...great job!

  5. This is so pretty! Soft, yet still eye catching. Can't go wrong with this!

  6. I like the pastels - so pretty. Beautiful job on your dots too!

  7. I really have to do a pastel mani soon! Yours made me drool! The polka dots are so perfect!!

  8. LOVELY job, Elle! So soft and pretty. Your dotticure is perfection.

  9. I love your choice of colors! So pretty! Great job :)

  10. Nice! I love the alternating colors!


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