Thursday, April 4, 2013

ABC Challenge- M is for Matte

I'm back! I know, I know I've been missing for ages. Finals took over my life and then I got super sick over spring break. We're talking bed for days. But I am back and I really missed you guys! I've finally started feeling better and work and school have slowed down a bit so nails are making their way back into my schedule (yay!) I know I missed a couple other ABC Challenge posts so I'll be adding them onto this post.

Anyway, onto the nails.....

For letter K I used Spoiled Kickin' the Habit, a neon fuschia. I was not a big fan of this at all. The brush absolutely sucked. It was more of just a big bushy thing rather than a brush. Also, depending on which way you turned the bottle it was a different color. And the color in the bottle was different than the color on the nail. I shook it up so much and I still felt like the pigment wouldn't mix up or something. Ugh.

For letter L I used Hard Candy Lil Lilac. I loved this so much! It was really  more of a lavender but still. This was a lavender shimmer with gold flakies (which are hard to see in pictures but are definitely there) So gorgeous.

And for this week I did a matte mani! I have become obsessed with matte nails lately. I just want to mattify (is that even a word?) everything. For this I did 2 coats of OPI Can't Find My Czechbook, a beautiful dusty light blue creme and topped it with a glitter gradient using OPI, a blue, purple, and pink glitter. Then I topped it all off with a coat of Revlon's Matte Topcoat. This matte topcoat gives more of a satin than flat matte finish. First photo is shiny, second is matte just for comparison :)

Thank you all for being so understanding about me being gone and I am SO HAPPY to be back to blogging . Woo! Go check out all the other wonderful ladies in this challenge!
xo Elle

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  1. I really liked the fuchsia color you did for "K". And I hear you about the matte finish - i am loving it lately too.

    Your post isn't showing up on my blog page - found you in my Bloglovin' unread pages. Did you link?


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