Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sinful Colors Paparazzi/ Almost Famous Collection Swatches

Hi guys! So its just now hitting me that this will be my first post with swatches of an entire collection. So please bear with me... if you see any room for improvement or have any tips/comments let me know! Hopefully this is helpful for you. I'll start by saying that all of these swatches are one coat of glitter over a base color. They were all very packed with glitter with no fishing or dabbing required! Truly a joy to apply and wear, I think these are great for a glitter newbie or someone who already loves glitter polishes! No more words, on to the pretties! Warning: this is really pic heavy...hope you enjoy!

Sinful Colors Showstopping over Pure Ice Superstar!

Showstopping is a mix of small pink glitter with a ton of holo hex glitter. Very pretty!
Sinful Colors After Party over Savina Light Mist
After Party is a mix of small blue glitter and blue hex glitter. Its pretty basic but it was jam packed with glitter and super easy to apply putting it at the top of my blue glitters list. 

Sinful Colors Star Dust over Orly Charged Up

Star Dust is a mix of small, densely packed purple glitter with fuchsia hex glitter. I wish I swatched this over another color so you could see how much purple glitter there is... definitely enough to easily build to opacity. 

Sinful Colors Paparazzi over Orly Lollipop

Paparazzi is densely packed small purple glitter... another great basic. I think that this could also be built to opacity pretty easily. 

Sinful Colors Fantasy over L'oreal Crazy for Chic

Its a bit difficult to see but Fantasy is small silver glitter packed with multicolored hex glitter. One of my favorites of this collection!

Sinful Colors Lush Life over Revlon Graceful

Lush Life is small teal glitter and teal hex glitter. So pretty! This is another one of my favorites. Such a good basic but I feel like we don't see many glitters that are this color. 

Sinful Colors In The Spotlight over Ulta Mint Condition

In the Spotlight is a mix of small green glitter with rainbow hex glitter. For comparison, there is more rainbow glitter than Fantasy

Sinful Colors Bombshell over Essie Bobbing for Baubles

Bombshell is a combination of light green flakies and rainbow glitter. So unique! These photos definitely do not do it justice. Its gorgeous, especially over dark undies. Definitely another standout of this collection 

Wow! Tons of glitter, I know. Hope you guys enjoyed this! If I could only pick 3 from this collection to get I would say to pick up Fantasy, Lush Life, and Bombshell. These are all a steal at only $2 and Walgreens is currently having a sale on Sinful Colors (4/$5). If you want to see swatches of any of the undies I used leave it in the comments! If anyone wants any other pics feel free to email me, tweet me, Facebook me, etc. 

Hope you all have a lovely day!

xo Elle

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